Don’t allow remote work to become a one-way saving measure. Reinvest into people.

Working from home as a pleasant change of environment. But it shouldn’t stop us from improving the office.

Be on alert for money leaving the work spaces. With our current knowledge about what humans need to be well and fulfill their potential, we need to invest into our space more than ever.

Millions of people have now experienced what it means to work from home for more than an afternoon. Not only from the position of an employee, but also that of a manager. People who couldn’t have imagined before that their workers will click away in their living rooms are now forced to rethink this mindset.

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Interview For TREND Magazine: Offices After COVID-19

The weekly economy and business magazine TREND has interviewed me about the future of offices after the COVID-19 pandemic. I am sharing it in English with their kind permission.

Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

Interviewer: Jozef Ryník
Michal Matlon
Link to article in Slovak:

The experience with remote work gives people and companies the courage to make changes in offices and work processes. Organizations will have to be more flexible if they want to attract people back into the offices, claims Michal Matlon, workplace psychologist, in an interview for TREND.

What effect on the worker can a three month quarantine and home office have? Will it be difficult for them to get back to work?

It depends on the conditions they have at home, as well as the personality of the worker. For many people, home office won’t be suitable, since they have children or a partner at home who distract them. Many don’t have a necessary equipment – a comfortable chair, an ergonomic desk or a large enough computer monitor. Some people also need a clearly separated space for work and so they will see the spillage of work into their home as undesired. These people will look forward to returning to the office.

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